Monday, March 31, 2014

Officially Dead

Rule34 Brothel is officially dead. I've come a long way since I started with this project, but now I think it's time to stop pretending that I'm going to keep updating this thing. This is the final version of this game. I will probably move onto a new project soon though. I now know a lot more about programming, so hopefully I will be able to make a more streamlined, easier to play game that actually has some element of challenge to it. Check back every once in a while, maybe there will be something new showing up.

Friday, January 3, 2014

V 0.16a and Possible Game Balance Changes

Here's a quick update to the game, fixing bugs that were found by Carp.

Also a new poll is posted. I have found that it is often frustrating to get girls to gain experience in buildings that also contain higher level girls. This is because of the way the game handles generated clients. Clients are generated by each girl individually, then added to a pool of clients for that building. I thought this would be more realistic than previous simbrothel games, which tend to have all girls generate discreet pools of clients individually. I could make Rule34 Brothel work this way with only a small amount of modifications, but I want to know if you guys think the current system adds to the game. Please vote in the new poll, and I will either change or not change the client system based on your answers.

Rule34 Brothel v0.16a

- Fixed Courtney's duplicate trait.
- Fixed being able to expand buildings even without sufficient funds to do so.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Rule34 Brothel v0.16

Finally a new update!

It took me long enough to get around to it. This is mostly a content update. There are now almost as many girls as there are default rooms in all the buildings. Everyone who has kept checking for new updates after all this time, thanks for sticking with the game.

You must start a new game if you currently have a save file.

Rule34 Brothel v0.16

- Can no longer get reward girls as rewards again after selling them.
- Leveling up is now always availiable when it should be.
- Added system to do all level up tasks at once.
- Added 30 new Girls: Midna, Zelda, Daphne, Velma, Lara Croft, Bloodrayne; Girls from Total Drama: Gwen, Bridgette, Courtney, Heather, Izzy, Lindsay; one humanized and one poni/anthro version of Celestia, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy; Azula, Katara, Suki and Toph.

- Added 3 new reward girls

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Not Dead Again

I bet many of you thought this project was dead but that's not the case. Development has just been "severely delayed." There will be an update soon.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Rule34 Brothel v0.15

Finally time for another release! This update adds a feature that allows you to choose a skill for each girl on which to automatically spend her experience. I have also made it so that overpricing one girl in a building will negatively impact the ability of every girl in that building to attract clients, which should fix the game breaking exploit that had previously been called to my attention. Besides that I've added twelve new girls and one new reward girl.

I think the next feature I will begin working on is a hot key system to save clicks. I have recently gotten a laptop and realized how awkward it is to play without a mouse, but autospending exp. should significantly reduce the number of clicks.

Get the new release here: Rule34 Brothel v0.15

Remember: saves are NOT compatible.


- re added the old price adjustment buttons
- the text box now saves price input if you use the next or previous girl buttons
- removed having to spend double exp to increase advanced sex skills
- fixed an overly large picture in Cynthia's set
- added a feature to automatically spend a girl's exp
- fixed being able to set girls prices to whatever you want in high capacity buildings. (Overpricing girls now contributes to a building wide modifier on how many clients show up.)
- fixed Jessie's trait weirdness
- fixed footjob and titfuck being exchanged on the Advanced sex school tool tip
- New Girls:
Felicia, Morrigan Aensland
Resident Evil:
Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Ashley Graham, Claire Redfield
Street Fighter:
Cammy White, Chun Li, Crimson Viper, Juri Han, Rainbow Mika, Sakura Kasugano
-New Reward Girls:
Wii Fit Trainer

Monday, July 15, 2013

Not Dead! Rule34 Brothel v0.14

Edit: Rule34 Brothel v0.14a

- Removed old price adjustment buttons on level up frame
- Made the NEW that comes up under the Level up button actually appear any time a girl is ready to level up
-You can't go to the level up frame without a girl to level up.
-Saves are compatible between 0.14 and 0.14a

Good news! I'm not dead, and here's a new release to prove it! No major changes but I think I addressed most things that were posted in the comments.

Rule34 Brothel v0.14

- You can now hold any key to skip through the next day function
- Limitations on leveling girls up (once per day) have been removed. This only worked for the original sim brothel because it was geared towards using smaller numbers of girls.
- price is now directly editable
- Own girl missions have been heavily reworked to be less likely to be impossible
- have money missions have also been tweaked
- added 6 girls: Korra, Ahsoka, Cynthia, Dawn, Flannery, Misty
- added 2 reward girls: Jessie, Samus

Monday, April 15, 2013

Planned Features and New Poll

Hey I'm back again and just putting up a bit of an update. This is not a release or anything but I just want to say that now that the basic game part is mostly finished, I can move on to making it work better than the old sim brothel ever did and ironing out the bugs. And of course adding more girls.

Things to come: better management. For those of us who prefer to micromanage girls rather than just letting them get sick until they refuse to work, I will be adding some nice features to the girls list page, most likely modes of sorting girls and context sensitive tool-tip type things. Those seem easy enough to implement, but perhaps a more far-reaching goal that would require more work would be to have girls run on an AI or behavior script that will have them rest for you, among other things.

Also I will try to work on certain missions being completely impossible.

At this point though I have produced a game that is essentially equal in functionality, if lacking in aesthetics, to the original sim brothel, plus or minus a few bugs, so I'm feeling pretty confident.

On kind of a side note, I have put up a new poll on whether girls should have individual price modifiers or not. I realize that this creates the problem of having girls that are definitively better than the others because girls with higher modifiers will always be able to make more money than the others. However, I thought this would add variety to the girls and complexity to the game. For example a girl with a high price can have very low stats in other areas so that it takes work to shape her into an obedient and skilled whore, but once you do she is worth much more than the cheap girls who come partially trained. Anyway, I'll leave it up to you guys, but if the poll turns up mostly even then I'll just leave it how it is, because I personally prefer using modifiers. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013


UPDATE 2: I have fixed even more bugs brought to my attention by the valiant efforts of Anon. Also I have added Marie Kanker from Ed, Edd n Eddie as a bonus. Once again, a new game must be started for this update to function correctly.

UPDATE: I have fixed some bugs that were brought to my attention by the kind Anons of the comments section. You will need to start a new game for many of the fixes to take effect.

Mostly a content update. I fixed some errors and made a few things different. First I made girls more expensive because I wanted them to feel like more of an investment. I also made some of the missions harder, because they were not even influencing the way I was playing the game at all. The game can pretty much be considered finished now, as all I have to do is add more girls and traits and whatnot. All the features of the game are accessible and all the buildings have been added, however I will continue to add more girls.

here's the link Rule34 Brothel V0.12b

-you can no longer buy the starter girls that you don't pick
-Fixed several typos
-Made have x amount of money missions harder
-Made girls more expensive
-Fixed being able to level girls up even if you didn't have enough money
-Fixed a bug where perks and items added fuck instead of blowjob
-Reduced starting money values
-added 16 girls
-2 are mission reward girls
-added traits: Ditz, Ginger, Hologram, Speed, Callous, Honor, Ninja, Ambitious, Power, Spirited
-added buildings: Sky Scraper, Cruise Ship, Volcano Facility, Space Station
-Upon buying the Space Station girls can now reach level 10

Thursday, February 7, 2013

R34B v0.11

Update: Issues with the items costing money but not displaying prices have been resolved. I have also fixed Ivy not actually being available as a reward. To get Ivy to be available, you will have to start a new game.

Well I added the item system, though I had a hard time coming up with them. Each girl can have one piece of equipment and one set of clothing at any given time. I also added 6 more girls. At this point I believe that I have probably finished most of the features of the game, and now all I have to do is add more buildings and girls. I'll be focusing on girls because there's only about 27 or something and there's 30 something rooms available in all the buildings. Also, I'd like some feedback on how the game handles buildings with large amounts of girls working there, i.e. more than four. Do the girls ever generate enough clients for all of the girls to work?

Saves will NOT be compatible. Attempting to load an old save will most likely cause the new girls to show up completely undefined.

If you believe you are having trouble viewing the flash, just give it some time. Every update the game gets bigger and takes longer to load, and a preloader is essentially out of the question.
Rule34 Brothel v0.11

Here's the changelog


You now cannot spend experience to increase a girl's abilities to over 100 even if the cap on the ability has been raised.
Fixed little skill increase arrows not reappearing after returning to the girl overview from the perks selection.
Added items.
Added girls: Batgirl, Catwoman, Lilith, Gaige, and Maya.
Added special only girl: Poison Ivy.
Made advertisement much more effective, but made it harder for girls to generate many clients


Tuesday, February 5, 2013